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Baba Louie's - A Different Kind of Pizza

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Baba Louie’s Pizza is one of my favorite pizza restaurants. Specializing in sourdough wood fired pizza crusts, their unique style has a full house any night of the week. The tantalizing tastes don't end with the crust either. It’s the foundation for a masterpiece. Every item that decorates the pizza is organic, fresh, homemade and delicious.

My personal favorite pizza is the Isabella Pizzarella which is topped with roasted sweet potatoes, roasted parsnips, caramelized onions, roasted garlic, fresh mozzarella, and shaved fennel, drizzled with reduced balsamic vinegar and parmesan. Mouth watering yet? I know mine is. Now if veggies isn’t your first choice fear not, there is something for everyone with the special pizzas. And of course no one can go wrong with a make your own pie with a list of toppings that puts Pizza Hut to shame.

Any food allergies that has stopped you or someone in your party from being able to enjoy sweet cheesy saucy goodness? Baba Louie’s is extremely accommodating with a gluten free crust and a non dairy mozzarella option. Try to think of this restaurant as a grown up pizza place for adults. The atmosphere is romantic and eases stress right out of you as soon as you sit down. The service is great and with as many exciting menu options what’s not to love? Trust me! You need to check out this Berkshire county treat. Whether you decide to head north or south from the Yankee Inn you’ll be able to find a Baba Louie’s. What are you doing still reading this? Go out and get some!

Check out the online menu and make your own decision, just click below.