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Zip-Line Canopy Tours - Outdoor Activities

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Follow MA route 8A for about an hour from the Yankee Inn, you will find Deerfield Valley which has some of the best zip-lining in the Berkshires. Deerfield Valley Zip-line offers a canopy tour which is a guided tree-based adventure with 11 zip-lines, 2 sky bridges, and 3 rappels and 2 short hikes. It is nearly a mile and half long course full of nature and exploring the amazing tree top environment.

For those of you who do not know what zip-lining is, it is an activity that involves a pulley suspended on a cable that is mounted on an incline and you yourself ride on it down a course or trails. The term “flying fox” is sometimes used to describe zip-lining, but that is more of a beginner term for children, regular zip-lining courses are usually operated at a much faster speed and sometimes much higher. A helmet for safety is required at all times, and the guides are well trained professionals right along with your tour to keep you safe and at ease.

Although it seems like a new popular activity, the zip-wire is not a new invention. In Australia and other countries “flying foxes” were used to transport food and tools to people working on opposite sides of an area. Zip-lining is a historic and cool invention and not only is it yet another activity to do in Southern New England but it is also a learning experience to excite and challenge you physically and mentally!

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