• Cabaret in the Berkshires

Cabaret in the Berkshires

The Seven Hills Inn is a restored farmhouse that was built in the mid-1700s. The inn has been passed along through the generations and renovated to accommodate the needs of our constantly changing society. With beautiful views and stunning gardens, The Seven
Hills Inn is just a short drive from the Yankee Inn. Throughout the summer
they will be offering several shows featuring Cabaret singers including Sonny
and Perley, Beth Kirkpatrick, Sherri James Buxton, Jacque Carnahan, Holly
O’Brien, Robin Gerson Wong, and Rochelle and Paul Chamlin. Along with
great entertainment, the Inn provides a full bar and snacks for guests.
This is an excellent option if you are looking for a relaxing, yet fun, night
out in the Berkshires!

Tickets to the shows are $15.00 and include one
complimentary glass of beer or wine. The Cabaret offers shows nightly
except for Wednesdays. Early shows begin at 8:30
pm and a second, post theatre/Tanglewood show, is offered on Fridays and
Saturdays at 10:45 pm and Tuesdays at 10:30 pm. For more information or to
purchase tickets to the show, visitors should contact the inn at (413)

The many talented musicians share
their experiences and life journeys through the art of sound. They
entertain their guests by presenting alternative perspectives on life in the
Berkshires and surrounding areas. The cabaret at the Seven Hills Inn is
guaranteed to provide a fun night out for audiences of all