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High Ropes / Aerial Adventure Parks

I’ve always been an active outdoor person. As a kid, I used to climb across my swing set, pretending that the ground underneath was a river of lava. It might not have been a conventional way to use a swing, but that’s who I was.

Naturally, an aerial adventure park grabs my attention as something fun and exciting to satisfy my inner child, without looking crazy to my neighbors. Fortunately, there are 2 within driving distance of the Yankee; Catamount Aerial Adventure Park, and Jiminy Peak Aerial Adventure Park.

Each offers a different feel, and has courses for all levels of difficulty. Catamount’s website states that “There is not a correct way of crossing the bridges; however we leave it up to you to figure out the most efficient way of getting from platform to platform.” I interpret this as an invitation to make it harder on yourself if you find it too easy.

You can expect to spend $45-50 per person, depending on the park. Catamounts pass lasts for 3 hours, and Jiminy’s for 2, and Catamount also has more trails. So if you’re willing to take the longer drive, Catamount might just be a little more exciting. However, Jiminy is still growing and added a new course this year. So feed your inner child and go to an aerial adventure park.