Chiropractor In the Berkshires

Bad backs seem to be a common ailment these days. I don’t have enough fingers and toes to accurately count the number of people I know who see a chiropractor regularly. Never fear however because I also visit the chiropractor on a regular basis. But what do you do when you’re on vacation and you tweak your back or it starts to stiffen up? Well, there’s lots of ways to find a good chiropractor on vacation, but I’m here to eliminate all that. I recommend Dr. David Martin located five minutes from The Yankee Inn on Henry Avenue in Pittsfield.

Dr. Martin is the only person I trust to get my back into top working condition. His wide variety of techniques helps to alleviate pain from just about any injury. In fact, the quality of Dr. Martin’s work is so great that I’ve been able to reduce the frequency of my visits to his office. Even a few of my relatives who were weekly patients at other chiropractic practices have been able to reduce the frequency of their visits as well. If you’re not sold yet on how great Dr. Martin is, last year he was chosen as best chiropractor in The Berkshire Eagle newspaper’s “Best of the Berkshires” award by the readers.

I recommend checking out Dr. Martin’s website for a list of prices and insurance accepted. If you’re back is hurting during your stay at the Yankee Inn, you don’t have to suffer with it. The best chiropractor in The Berkshires is only a five minute drive away. The 30 minutes treatment will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to take on anything during your vacation to The Berkshires.