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Lebanon Valley Speedway - Open for business


For those of you that are race fans, you will be glad to hear that Lebanon Valley Speedway is open again!

With races every Saturday night from April through September, it’s something unique and fun to bring your family to watch. Lebanon Valley Speedway also offers drag racing and often hosts events such as Monster Truck rallies, and the Green Mamba, a jet powered car.

Lebanon Valley Speedway is approximately 30 minutes from the Yankee, west on route 20. Parking is free at the events and the tickets at the door are only $10 for adults, (12 or older) and $2 for kids. Each night has several events, my favorite being the 4 cylinder race, divided into single and twin cam. I used to have a typical car that was used in those races as my daily driver, so I could always cheer for the car regardless of the driver. With a ½ mile, oval clay track, be prepared to get dusty! Whether its monster trucks or a race, lots of dirt is in the air. Also if you have sensitive ears, it can be very loud, as with any race track, so you might want to bring some ear plugs. Whether you go to see the Monster Trucks on July 16th-18th, the Eve of Destruction on June 26th, or are a fan of the regular season races, you are sure to have a blast!