Summer Adventures - Fun Outside of the Berkshires

Summer Adventures - Fun Outside of the Berkshires

As many of you know summer is the busiest season in The Berkshires. People from all over the country and even the world make the trek here to see what makes The Berkshires so incredible. But many of you may be wondering what your favorite hotel staff does in the summer. Do we even get a vacation in the summer with all the visitors here? I’ll admit it… it’s tough, but we get to sneak in a trip here and there.

This year I was able to sneak in a weekend in New York City; it was my first time ever going to the city. It’s funny that I chose New York City because that’s where many of our guests are from. For me, it was very interesting to see the stark difference in lifestyles, attitudes and atmospheres between the two areas. I finally have a much better understanding of why The Berkshires are so attractive to many of the city folk.

Being a native of Dalton, New York City was an eye opening experience. I’m accustomed to the laid back atmosphere of The Berkshires, so the hustle and bustle of New York City was something new to me. There are hordes of people and street vendors everywhere. The cars seemingly went 100 MPH up 23rd street and Broadway, and the constant sounds of car horns and sirens any time that you set foot outside. There were more bright lights, advertisements and huge buildings than I could ever imagine in one place. For a first timer, it was a massive overload on the senses.

However, I loved the 24 hour accessibility in New York City. I could get anything I wanted at any time of the day in a quick walk from my hotel. Being from here where most everything closes by 11 PM on the weekends, it was fascinating that I could get an omelet delivered to my hotel room at 3:30 AM. The 4 AM last call at bars was an incredible, albeit painful, lesson in the differences between The Berkshires and the city. Not mention the slew of incredibly unique restaurants and stores anywhere that you would walk. It was fascinating for me.

The day I caught my train back north, I re-evaluated my weekend in the city. While the time spent there was a blast, I can certainly see why the city folk are anxious to come up here for their vacation. After only three days, I was more than happy to get back to the hills. It was a very fun, but overwhelming experience for me after just three days. I can’t imagine how people live their day to day lives in such a non-stop place.

In fact, I think more people should take more weekend trips to The Berkshires to recharge their batteries. It’s good for the mind and good for the soul. We, at the Yankee Inn, are more than happy to help you achieve the relaxing getaway you desire and deserve.