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Winter Activities in the Berkshires- Sledding


When I was younger, I used to love to go sledding. The house I’ve lived in since I was 8 has a large hill in the front that is readily available during the winter months. However, while I lived at my old house, I would have to find a hill to sled on. A couple of my favorites were Clapp Park and Reid Middle School. These hills were both fun and steep enough to satisfy all of my 6 year old adrenaline needs, but also not so crazy that they gave my parents a heart attack while going down the hill. Both of these locations are located approximately 15 minutes from the Yankee, with Clapp being on route 20 and Reid being on route 7. Each hill has its advantages, Reid, although bigger and steeper than Clapp does not offer any challenges or paths, etc.

It’s straight down and you’re going down fast. Clapp Park, although not as steep or as tall as Reid, has a variety of heights and grades for all different ages, Clapp has a diagonal path that goes across the hill for summer walks, but in the winter becomes sort of a natural hump that will give you some decent air (for sledding). So if you’re in the area and not much of a skiing family, I would recommend you go sledding on either of these hills because I still enjoy them today as much as I did when I was younger.